Leave Professional Teeth Whitening to the Professional

A more beautiful and pearly-white smile is a goal for so many individuals. Both genders feel more confident and attractive when they’re capable of flashing a perfect smile.

The tooth whitening market has hence grown out of proportion. Individuals that want to make their smiles brighter can choose among strips, toothpastes, DIY kits and many other items. The problem with these products is that many of them are ineffective due to the low concentration of active ingredients.

If you’d like to get a truly whiter and brighter smile, consider professional whitening at a Nedlands dental centre or a teeth whitening Claremont dental clinic. This service is quite different from what the DIY market has to offer and as long as you choose an experienced dentist, you’ll be happy with the results.

Why Professional Whitening is the Best Option

Professionals working at Nedlands dental centres, Claremont dentist such as Ashton Avenue Dental Clinic have the equipment and the products that will deliver quick and sustainable results. These products can be administered only under professional supervision, which is why they aren’t intended for at-home use.

Quality products available at dental clinics are light activated. The application of the gel and the light activation make the process faster and give you teeth that are several shades lighter. Such fast results can never be obtained through the use of DIY kits.

When you go through this procedure, you’ll see results in approximately one hour. If you have teeth that have seriously been stained due to smoking, the consumption of coffee, tea and wine, you’ll get to see a complete reversal. There will be no sign of the yellowing that made you reluctant to smile previously.

The Main Benefits of Dental Whitening

Now that the procedure has been described, it’s time to take a look at the most important benefits you’ll get to enjoy if you choose to undergo whitening at a Nedlands dental centre, at Claremont dentists or even Mount Claremont family dental practices.

Such a treatment is suitable for getting rid of deep and stubborn stains. If you’ve been smoking for years or you enjoy your coffee, chances are that you have lots of staining. A toothpaste can’t be used to get serious results, no matter how such products are being advertised.

When using a DIY kit, you’re accepting the risk of committing an application error. Such an error could lead to uneven whitening, leaving the product on for too long or failing to apply enough of it. A cosmetic dentist will know just how much of a product to apply and how long the procedure will need to last. This way, you’ll be getting the desired results without risking side effects.

Professional whitening is a better option for people who have sensitive teeth. DIY kits are often based on abrasive particles that can cause irritation. Anyone that has sensitive teeth should talk to a dentist before opting for a whitening option.

Finally, the results of professional whitening are long-lived and there is reduced risk of the teeth fading back to yellow after the treatment.

Choosing the Right Dentist for the Job

Teeth whitening procedures aren’t created equal, which is why you need to select a dentist that has experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the procedure, the degree to which your teeth will be whitened, the cost and the risks. A reputable professional will answer all of these questions and enable you to make an informed decision.

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