Is it essential to visit a dental clinic regularly?

Regular check-ups are essential to maintaining good oral health. Even if you don’t have any issues or concerns with your teeth it is recommended that you should visit your dental clinic every six months to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, but this can vary depending on the individual.

In this post, we highlight some of the main reason why a regular visit to your local Claremont dentist is a necessary part of your health routine.

Dental Diseases

Dental Diseases

Many people believe if they don’t have any pain or discomfort that they don’t have any dental health issues, and therefore don’t visit their dental clinic regularly or at all, but some dental problems such as gum disease can develop quickly and without any signs or symptoms.

All though your average person will not develop any serious dental issues, people with certain lifestyles and pre-existing health conditions have a higher chance.

People of high risk of developing dental diseases include:

  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Pregnant women
  • People who get cavities or plaque build up
  • People with current gum disease
  • People with weak immune systems

If you belong to any of these groups then you should visit your dental clinic more regularly, or as directed by your dentist. These factors increase your risks significantly so your regular dental routine will not be enough to ensure any chances of dental diseases arising.

The Optimum Clean

The Optimum Clean

Regular brushing and flossing, while maintaining a healthy diet are a great way to optimise your dental health, but it is not efficient for achieving optimum dental health. Visiting your dental clinic on a regular basis will ensure every aspect of your oral health will be attended to.

Some of the services dentists will carry out include scaling, which involves removing tartar build up on the teeth helping prevent the onset of several gum diseases. But don’t stop your regular routine if you visit the dentist regularly, it is still important to take care of your teeth in between visits to your dental clinic.

Overall Health Benefits

Overall Health Benefits

The state of you oral and general health go hand in hand. If you have poor dental hygiene or tooth loss, this may be related to an inadequate diet.

Links have also been found between oral infections and more serious problems such as heart, lung and respiratory complications. Seeing your dental clinic regularly will help keep on top of any pre-cursers to these health problems and result in preventing any serious infections or diseases from progressing.

Although the physical health factors are important, we must not forget about the mental affects poor dental health can have.

Reduced self-esteem, social anxiety and other mental problems can all stem from being embarrassed and self-conscious of the way your teeth look or how your breath smells. If this is a problem your Claremont dental clinic can suggest cosmetic treatments suitable for you, or may suggest more regular appointments to keep on top of any underlying issues.



The last and most important reason to go to your dental clinic on a regular basis is prevention. Preventing dental health problems is much easier than treating them, it’s more cost efficient and is a lot less painful!

Why wait until your mouth is aching with pain, looking and smelling unpleasant or making you stay in on a Saturday night because your embarrassed of what you look like?

Make a regular appointment at your dental clinic to ensure your oral health is one less thing you must worry about.

Prevention is the best cure, so come and see us at our Claremont dental clinic today and book an appointment!

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